Because dogs have feelings too.

1 Old Haddington Lane, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, LN5 9FN; Tel: 01522 693392

Alexiane Home from Home Kennels

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At Alexiane Home from Home Kennels animals come first. We run kennels because we are passionate about dogs and cats and believe that animals have feelings too.


That's why we make it our task to ensure that any animal that stays with us is warm and given individual attention and love. We also recognise the importance of exercise for dogs, which is why every dog is well exericised twice daily.


Our efforts here have always been to ensure the comfort and well-being of every animal who stays with us. We have invested a lot of time, effort and money on achieving this by upgrading our kennels with underfloor heating and floor to ceiling tiling. We are also very proud that every dog gets exercised twice a day, off their lead in one of our three large exercise runs.

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We understand that owners love their dogs or cats as much as we do and that, as such, boarding your dog or cat can make many owners apprehensive. We feel confident that your pet will find our boarding kennels a true home from home and upon your return will greet you with a bounce in their step and a wagging tail.


If you have any queries at all please feel free to phone us on 01522 693392.